Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Civic EG Turbo

Hi, just want to put down abit about my Civic, story is I bought her just over a year ago as a 1.5 LSI with a B16A conversion already done. She had been stood for quite awhile and needed alot of work to get her how I wanted her to be. Surprisingly she flew the mot once the wiring had been tidied up and handbrake brackets for the rear discs were made up. Knowing that I wanted to turbocharge the already nippy 170BHP B16A motor I knew a good service and strict use of 99 ron fuel was the measure of the day so there started her addiction to Silkolene 5-30 and Tesco 99.
How she was after I bought her

When I bought her she already had a Spoon Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler the B16A engine Y21 gearbox (OEM LSD) complete with SIR steering rack subframe ARB's suspension LCA's hubs discs calipers and the 2.25" cat back. I went and built on that already strong platform. First few things she got were the rear carbon fibre tailgate Mugen upper strut brace some Apex springs a chipped OBD1 ECU running a DC Sports chip, this had her revving off the clocks and a 4-1 Toyo manifold and 16x6.5 Rays TE37 replicas with Toyo Proxes to go over the 282mm front discs off an MGZR. This got her running as nice as you would want an N/A Honda but that just wasnt enough for me...

Japfest Castle Coombe 2011

My EJ9 Daily

After arduous saving I bought a second Civic a silver EJ9 to run about in whilst the turbo conversion was going on. I had already baught a Garrat T35 turbo .80 AR cast manifold wastegate and 3" downpipe but on reflection and alot of advice off my good friend Chris I opted for a much smaller turbo to minimise lag and concentrated on the chassis and getting the power down and useable as his 400bhp MB6 was a textbook example of overpower. So now its running a T304E Turbo .50AR 525CC injectors a stainless tubular manifold and 3" turbo back exhaust system. We fitted her with a small fmic painted matt black to hide it from view used 2.25 induction piping again to minimise lagand run the screamer pipe under the car again to hide from view. To keep it cool we fitted a 2 core alloy rad and whilst we were at it tidied up the engine bay and fitted a smoothed gold rocker cover, carbon fibre plug cover and Mugen oil cap. We then got rid of the Apex springs for some seriously awesome D2 coilovers and changed the wheels for some rare as hens teeth Cusco 3 part split rims 15x7 and fitted them with Yokohama Advan AD08 tyres 195 50 15 for maximum grip .The OEM bonnett went in favourof a Oem style carbon fibre one though in hindsight I should have gotten a vented one. The granny seats were taken out and replaced with DC2 red Recaros, whacked in a momo steeing wheel and matching gear knob and job done thats pretty much where she is at the moment.


It's the end of a hard road...

Next up I want to get it rolling road mapped for optimum performance/reliability and hopefully she should be looking at agood 250BHP at 7PSI, I dont want anymore power tho I could go higher with this setup. Then I want her painted and her arches replacing but dont know when ill afford it. Or I may even sell it for the right price and start a new project.
All neat and tidy :)

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