Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Prototype 2 - PS3

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[Prototype 2] – PS3

Prototype is a game about James Heller a regular GI Joe who goes home to find his family slaughtered by a man made zombie virus he then get infected by said virus and turns into a super mutant. Cue mindless bloodshed and angry shouting as you chase after the originator of the virus Alex Mercer and a military group called Blackwatch. That said the story is just about strong enough to pull you through the game but the real motive for offing the bad guys in this game are the awesome powers you receive as a reward.

This game is all about the gameplay it just puts you in situation showcasing your awesome powers like ripping the turret off a tank and smashing it with it. No matter how you play the game (as it is open world) theres always a new power just round the corner . You can also consume humans to take on there appearance and later in the game when you take the appearance as a top military dude this comes into its own putting you in tanks and helicopters to destroy waves of infected. I managed to get the platinum on this in one playthrugh, its pretty easy even on hard and in my opinion it never gets boring. Repetitive yes but no matter how many times you pull a helicopter outta the sky and use its cannons to levell a base… it never gets boring!

The graphics are much improved over the first game and for the size of the citys I was quite pleased with how good it looked. It must be said the art style of the game has a lot to do with this, each area clearly having its own theme wether infected, military or civilian.

There is a Few down points to the game, though the powers are plenty but no matter what ones you use the enemies all die the same, also the combat inside buildings isn’t the best, the camera and lock on seems to go crazy not that it matters, Heller can tear apart a room in seconds. The good and the fun bits outweigh thes bad by far and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Max Payne 3 - PS3

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Max Payne 3 - PS3

I havn't really written much on my blog before but i've been quite into my games lately and just through i'd write a little about each one. So here's the first one Max Payne 3 that I got on PS3.

I was looking forward to this game since I heared it was in prodution and to be fair it doesn't dissapoint. It contuines on in the hard-boiled Max Payne style of a good guy getting knee deep into trouble.The story is gritty and dramatic following Max's change from washed up has been cop to a human weapon of mass distruction.  It constantly drives the game forward at every step and with Max narrating his own story you never feel seperated from the story. Theres a reason your pumping lead into these bad guys...

The gamplay is sharp, the guns meanifull though your pistol the default weapon seems as a good all rounder for most situations. Bullet time is back but in my opinon yes it looks awesome but is no substute for taking cover behind a nice sturdy wall.

The graphics are amazing with immense detail in everything from background items to the characters shocked faces, all done in its unique style. This is a quality game and so far the best of 2012, Max is definatly in the top tier rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nathan Drake and Marcus Fenix.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Civic Roar!

A little vid of my civic  (b16a turbo on a basemap) just going up and down my street, cant believe how loud she is! :P

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hellaflush Civic Turbo Anyone???


So as ever with the civic, im changing the look again... to be honest im getting fed up of the carbon clad look. i think its just tooo.... excessive, mabey on a track spec GT-R or a drift spec S15 but not my humble little civic.

I know, they need a clean

So step one on the Hellaflush ladder was my ultra rare Cusco split rims with super aggresive 15x7 with 25 offset and 1.5" lip wrapped in 195 50 15 yoko advans. I had 185 40 15 nankangs on before but it handled like a boat and was waaay too low :( looked good but un driveable (especially when you think im running a turbo b16).

JDM Y0!!!

 Because of the width of the wheels and the offset its bumping the tyre on the back if i go over agressive bumps so im thinking ill have to get some camber arms soon. Its not being driven at the moment so no major rush.

Clearance is fine on the front

Perfect offset for the car only not too practical and this is the coilovers wound right up

Now to accompany that (and get my car round corners) i opted for the d2 coilovers. Now as im running a 3" downpipe and live in Wales (all hills, speedbumps and potholes) and want the car as a daily theres only so low i could go with it. At the moment its at the highest possible  

As you can see barely a couple of inches clearance

And not much room on the back to play with either.

I bought a already smoothed rocker cover and also managed to pick up a flushed rear boot recently which ive put on but still needs to be de locked and sprayed.

Smoothed rocker cover.

Flush boot fitted and number plate re-located

I think once ive got the bonnet on and the car re sprayed and those little extra touches like the awesome little counter sunk washers for the bolts, and a bonnet bra then it will be well on its way to the hellaflush camp :D