Sunday, 1 July 2012

Max Payne 3 - PS3

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Max Payne 3 - PS3

I havn't really written much on my blog before but i've been quite into my games lately and just through i'd write a little about each one. So here's the first one Max Payne 3 that I got on PS3.

I was looking forward to this game since I heared it was in prodution and to be fair it doesn't dissapoint. It contuines on in the hard-boiled Max Payne style of a good guy getting knee deep into trouble.The story is gritty and dramatic following Max's change from washed up has been cop to a human weapon of mass distruction.  It constantly drives the game forward at every step and with Max narrating his own story you never feel seperated from the story. Theres a reason your pumping lead into these bad guys...

The gamplay is sharp, the guns meanifull though your pistol the default weapon seems as a good all rounder for most situations. Bullet time is back but in my opinon yes it looks awesome but is no substute for taking cover behind a nice sturdy wall.

The graphics are amazing with immense detail in everything from background items to the characters shocked faces, all done in its unique style. This is a quality game and so far the best of 2012, Max is definatly in the top tier rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nathan Drake and Marcus Fenix.

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