Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hellaflush Civic Turbo Anyone???


So as ever with the civic, im changing the look again... to be honest im getting fed up of the carbon clad look. i think its just tooo.... excessive, mabey on a track spec GT-R or a drift spec S15 but not my humble little civic.

I know, they need a clean

So step one on the Hellaflush ladder was my ultra rare Cusco split rims with super aggresive 15x7 with 25 offset and 1.5" lip wrapped in 195 50 15 yoko advans. I had 185 40 15 nankangs on before but it handled like a boat and was waaay too low :( looked good but un driveable (especially when you think im running a turbo b16).

JDM Y0!!!

 Because of the width of the wheels and the offset its bumping the tyre on the back if i go over agressive bumps so im thinking ill have to get some camber arms soon. Its not being driven at the moment so no major rush.

Clearance is fine on the front

Perfect offset for the car only not too practical and this is the coilovers wound right up

Now to accompany that (and get my car round corners) i opted for the d2 coilovers. Now as im running a 3" downpipe and live in Wales (all hills, speedbumps and potholes) and want the car as a daily theres only so low i could go with it. At the moment its at the highest possible  

As you can see barely a couple of inches clearance

And not much room on the back to play with either.

I bought a already smoothed rocker cover and also managed to pick up a flushed rear boot recently which ive put on but still needs to be de locked and sprayed.

Smoothed rocker cover.

Flush boot fitted and number plate re-located

I think once ive got the bonnet on and the car re sprayed and those little extra touches like the awesome little counter sunk washers for the bolts, and a bonnet bra then it will be well on its way to the hellaflush camp :D 

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