Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Audi

About a month back when winter started to fall i knew it was time to put my beloved Civic away, and for a daily i manged to pick up this 1.8 non-turbo Audi A4 Avant. Normally i wouldn't even look at a german car but it was my mates and as soon as he baught it i knew i had to have it off him. I've never been in a car so comfortable to drive... theres alot of comfy cars now but thier all boring i just culdnt believe how an R Reg car could feel so new. Everything from the LCD display to the OEM design, even the keys oozed with quality. I knew then that this was my perfect daily. Anyhow being Christmas I'm abit skint and wanted to bring the VIP spirit out of the A4 abit more so opted for some low cost mods that I think changes the car dramatically. First off was a good clean! It's surprising what a difference that made and whilst i was at it de badged the boot of the A4 and 1.8 badges also ordered some flat blades off Ebay and a VIP Fusa knot all the way from Japan. Ok so it's not done what some wheels and coilovers would have but for the money I think it brings extra class to my classy ride .

                                                                 Heres abit of the spec-
1.8 20v petrol
Grey interior with split back bench and armrest
LCD display
Air Con with digital controlls
Leather steering wheel
Central locking

All in all a very practical comfy car and enough room in the back to haul around the Recaros or Rotas in constantly swapping over.

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